5 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Have you stood in your closet surrounded by countless garments yet had absolutely nothing to wear? Nothing appeals to you or pairs well together, making putting an outfit together a nearly impossible task. In a last-ditch effort, you try on several pieces and turn your bedroom upside down to find something that looks at least semi-decent. 

It seems this is a common experience, which is why capsule wardrobes have recently risen in popularity. A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited collection of classic items you’ve carefully selected and can be styled in multiple ways, promising endless uses and possibilities. 

If you want to cut your getting-dressed time in half, continue scrolling to learn how to build a capsule wardrobe and never experience the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” phenomenon again. 

  • Consider Your Current Closet

  • Before purchasing a dozen new clothing items, assess your closet in its current state. What pieces do you wear frequently? Which ones are collecting dust on your hangers? Which ones don’t play nicely with other garments? Do all of your clothes fit perfectly? Are there some that don’t?

    These questions are essential to ask before creating your capsule wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest with yourself. Donate or sell clothing that no longer serves you and pare it down to your can’t-go-without items.

  • Consider Your Lifestyle & Personal Style

  • If you’ve gone through several life changes, you may find some of your clothes simply don’t match your current lifestyle. For example, if you’ve recently left your corporate job, the endless sea of pantsuits and pencil skirts may no longer be necessary.

    Also, it’s worth it to analyze your own personal style. After all, you’ll be wearing these clothes. So, focus on keeping pieces that bring you joy. If you’re stuck on determining your own fashion sense, look for inspiration on social media, collecting images of outfits and accessories you love.

  • Invest in Quality, Not Quantity

  • If you’re one who often indulges your craving for retail therapy, building a capsule wardrobe may require some self-control. Remember, capsule collections are small, only holding the essentials. 

    Fortunately, the limited size allows you to splurge more on more high-quality items that will last you for years to come. Adopting such intentional shopping habits enables you to spend less money, time, and waste, making it especially beneficial for you and the environment.

  • Create a Wish List

  • Once you’ve cleaned your closet of items you no longer need, it’s time to start thinking about what you want your capsule wardrobe to look like. Divide your wish list into categories by clothes and accessories, and brainstorm possible outfits with the contenders you’ve compiled. The goal is to create a collection that accommodates nearly every season and occasion. 

  • Go Slowly

  • In a world where instant gratification is abundant, capsule wardrobes are the exception. Try to remain patient and collect items slowly. And don’t be tempted by sales! They’re designed to force you into making rush decisions. Instead, hold your ground and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, you’re better off waiting for the right piece to cross your path.  


    By following these five steps, building your own capsule wardrobe will be a breeze. Now, you can spend less time debating what to wear and more time loving your curated closet tailored just for you, finally making getting dressed a pleasure, not a pain.  

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