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It's important to identify you body shape before you choosing what type of the clothing fits your the most. Most of women love to following the trends. The trends we've dying to keep up with were all started by someone somehow. And that's their identity. Not necessarily ours. It's better to wear style that flatter your figure, rather than whatever the fashion gods say you should wear. It's time for your to Stand Out, making your own fashion statement. 

This guide will take you to better understanding the type of your own body shape and helping women determine how to dress in a way that flatters their natural look. rather than trying to adhere to strict one-size-fits-all standards in the fashion industry. 

According to the Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management  from the NC STATE University released in 2005. (Fox News, 2004). There are five primary body shapes.

find out the best body shapes for your outfit women's dresses

  • Pear  (20%)
  • Inverted Triangle (14%)
  • Hourglass (8%)
  • Rectangle (46%)
  • Apple (12%)

Now that we know the names of these five basic body shapes. Let’s keep reading to discover what body type you have and find the best clothes/dresses for your body type.

How to Take Your Measurement 

First things first, how are these different shapes classified? The surest way to figure this out is by taking four body measurements: the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. The relationship among this datas will explain the shape of your structure.

When measuring, be sure to stand straight with arm on the side. Make sure the measurement tape is snug against the body, but not too tight such that is compresses the body(making the measurement inaccurate). You can also use Body Type Calculator  when you have the numbers. 

1. Pear Shape 

This type shape also known as triangle body type, have a wide hip and thighs, but narrow shoulder as well as small bust, legs are full or muscular. 

The pear body shape should avoid boxy tops that hide the waist, and wear bright colours on your upper body. To draw people's attention use eye-catching prints, textures and details strategically to create interest on top.

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2. Inverted Triangle 

This body shape represented narrow in the hips, tend to have a medium or large bust, undefined waist, broad shoulders. The strong shoulders often lend this body shape an athletic-looking physique.

The goal for dressing this shape is to balance the wide shoulders, chest and back with the narrower lower body to have a balanced silhouette T. In order to achieved by choosing clothes that add curves to the hips and bottom try to give your figure more of the hourglass effect. 

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3. Hourglass

Hourglass figures has been considered as the beauty standard for women. It's only body type with shoulder and hips are fairly balanced and have a well-defined waists, and this asset should be accentuated. 

The key to dressing this type body shape is avoid to unbalance the body frame by making it either top or bottom heavy. Make sure choose clothing that shows off your curvy silhouette, avoid shapeless and loose clothing.

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4. Rectangle

The women with rectangle body shape are have a straighter build. This type body shape is represented equal bust, waist, and hips. Their figures lack of curvy. The waist are not well-defined as well the flat bottom. 

We should create well-defined waist and balanced silhouettes, enhanced the figure curvy. Wear irregular style clothes and creative cuts, to increase the interesting on clothed detail, take advantages of scarves, and accessories.

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5. Apple

Women with apple body type also know as round or circle body type. This body types carry with a shorter upper, full midsection, wide shoulders, a lack of waistline, a flattish bottom and slender leg. 

The women who has apple figure need to create a well-defined waistline, choose dress/clothes that draw attention to upper body, wearing belted style clothes. Keep details above the bustline, keep the silhouette fitted under the bust. avoid the people take attention on the midsection.

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