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Since remote work become normal people are working at home throughout the winter. Now the sun is out, hemline are rising, we know summer is coming. Wether you're hitting to go for a vacation or planning a relaxing time at beaches. We all ready to embracing summer season, the funnest time of year.  No matter, the summer is starts early on Memorial Day weekend, or you wait for the solstice in June, many of us look forward to the first day of summer all year. 

The beach holiday is the platonic ideal of vacations. Soft sand, shady palms, a clod drinks, a warm surf etc... Arguably the most essential item for beach is that swimwear. Every girls is looking for a stylish and sexiest, yet comfortable swimwear for them to wear.

I know finding a right swimwear can be daunting shopping challenge. Ahead, Jsfash store have offer a list of the best pieces for you. Every pieces are classic, sophisticated, most importantly, it'll never out of style. Read on to get inspiration from this article, and find your perfect style of swimsuits or bikinis.

Tie-Dye Crisscross Tie-Back Bikini Set

This tie dye bikini is trending, features crisscross, v-neckline and tie -back. I love the front design detail. It is gorgeous and stylish, yet affordable. 

Printed Tie Back Halter Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

This popular tropical vibes print swimsuit, it looks fabulous on just about anyone. This one-piece in multiple color emit an elegance and classic style. Even if you were belly fat, this halter neck swimwear can still being functional, make you're in a slimming and glamorous look. Women loves both the freedom and modesty swimsuit like this brings. 

Tie-Dye Cutout Scoop Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

This one-piece and ready to go beach is all about mix and match. If you're a hourglass figure this is perfect style for you. It designed trending tie dye and cutout detail to draw people attention of your upper, also the art of minimalist purple color at your bottom gives your lower a simple but elegant look. I love this appeal and fashionable piece. 

We've discovered some incredibly comfortable yet fashionable swimwear, but of course, this still not complete yet, we'll still need pair with a cover-up that sheer and flowy. Something that barely covers your bikini, but a great with a giant, floppy, sunhat. A perfect piece for your to get dressed up and take beautiful vacation photo. 

Floral Open Front Duster Cover-Up

This bikini set with a stylish cover up, it makes you look notoriously beautiful. Meaning... amazing vacation photos, improved confidence and more compliments.

if those are not enough for you, check out our swimwear collection  and kimono collection 

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