6 Dresses Style to Wear For this Summer

Dress up can be frustrating. Especially when warm weather is ahead, the beautiful fun season is coming. You will probably started to searching for the right outfit, but you just can't seem to find anything that matches, Sound familiar? This is the kind of struggle all women have, don't worry, the things don't have to be too complicated. The best-case scenario is that keep up few common outfits style on your wardrobe, so that you can style  in different ways to wear from casual day to cocktail night or any dressy events. 

This is where you should start - You can adjust your choices based on identified your personal style ,your body type. Check out our blog " Most Common Body Type for Women Better Dressing" .  That's dive into 6 common style of dresses in fashion mainstay here:

1. Floral Midi Dresses

Paisley Print One-Shoulder Tiered Maxi Dress


A floral print dresses are summer fashion never lose mainstream. It's easy and breezy.  You can dressed it up with heels and vintage accessory to lever up your summer style with szn'z must have looks. Or paired with casual sneakers for a casual look.

2. Shirt Pattern Dresses

Maxi Striped Shirtdress

One of the most trending style dress for the every summer. Shirtdress it has a stylish pattern with a popular blouson silhouette, it's one of most popular silhouette. It has an elegant and modest look. Every woman's closet needs one shirtdress that will never go out of style.

3. Smocked Waist Dresses


smocked midi dress for summer

Jsfash Smocked Waist Floral Print Mini Dress

Smocked dresses a coretagecore fashion. The smocked details are great for showing off your waist.  Smocked style in mini dresses are cute and hot. Designed in a midi length are elegant and stylish. Great pieces to collect, and style for every occasion

4. Wrap Dresses 

Printed Puff Sleeve Tulip Hem Dress

Blush Pink Surplice Floral Wrap Mini Dress

 Wrap dress are popular since 90s till nowadays. It's detail on surplice neckline, self tie on the side. It can be great if you have large bust. Pair it with flat or sneakers for casual gown when you host a party at home, easy and go. Pick 2 pieces accessories add more fashion to completed your look, simple rings or necklaces will be ready for any special events or as a wedding guest. Simple yet fashionable.

5.Open Back Dresses

Glitter Cowl Neck Backless Dress

Glitter Cowl Neck Backless Dress
This style dresses are the most captivating dress trend of every season. Ultra-feminine delicately in backless style. They're so attractive yet striking in voguish.  It is the best date-night dress or for wedding events. 

6. Elegant Jumpsuit



Jumpsuit are popular in 20th century, it is a one-and-done outfit, this pieces is perfect romper for your new go-to any occasion. Alone with pencil silhouette, fitted and flattering. You'll wear them again and again. 


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